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Coffee Break

About Us

Robust Café Embracing the Present & Sharing Good Time!
Robust is flavor, vigor, strength, health, and energy. These were the characteristics responsible for helping guide the development of our visual identity. With a goal to convey the atmosphere of the brand, the chosen typography holds a manuscript style (handmade), creative, exclusive, and elegant without neglecting its fluid and striking features. The typographic choice is related to the brand's archetype, confirming that creativity, health, and reception can go together and complement each other.
The symbol is the synthesis of the coffee bean, thus becoming the significant differential of Robust. The visual reference to coffee brings authority to the brand as a whole, not only helping compose and balance the identity but also referring to a product that will always be present on the Robust menu. Furthermore, "having coffee" serves a purpose, an occasion, it is nothing more than strengthening bonds with the people who are important to us. Strongly embracing the present to enjoy a meaningful, healing, and energetic moment. Because sharing good times, even if they are brief, is a sensational way to enjoy the present and make sense of it.
Of the colors chosen to represent this identity, green focuses on representing robustness and health. Pink is a sign of hope, a warm color that brings a sense of comfort and positive feelings, a feeling that everything is going to be okay. Pink is inspiring, warm, and comforting, proposing hope for the future. And brown, for symbolizing strength and reception. But also because it is the color of coffee, which at Robust is the greatest protagonist!

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